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Customizing flexible, open-source content management with extensible plugins and themes to easily build feature-rich websites.

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Web design is an art! Your website design reflects your business acumen. A famous saying goes, "First impressions last forever".

A Simple user interfaces help to establish a strong brand image and inspire trustworthiness among your target audience. We work hard to make your website useful and attractive. Our goal is to bridge the gap between stakeholders and users by giving web applications a new look.

Censoware, a leading UI/UX design company in the US prioritize your needs and works diligence to turn your idea into a reality in the cutthroat marketplace. We comprehend your product and think from the customer’s perspective to understand what convinces them and how your product will appeal to a specific customer. To enhance the user experience, our dedicated team works on UI/UX and provides a timeless, understated, and appealing visual design.

Wordpress Development

Multifarious devices.

We amalgamate right technology, strategy and design that enables to develop fully functional modern websites that bring your brand to life. Our solutions span the design and development phases, including adaptive, responsive websites, e-commerce solutions, website revamping, maintenance and more.

WordPress Development Service

Wordpress development is unequivocally the best platform of this era and it has some remarkable features and capabilities. Wordpress has been influencing the Content Management System (CMS) market for many years, by offering powerful solutions tailored to your business needs. An amazing feature of Wordpress is that it provides custom built-in themes and plugins which are cost-effective and it is fully customizable. The ease of maintaining a website or blog on WordPress makes it incredibly useful. It has received global recognition for its ease of use and user-friendliness. Censoware is onne of the most trusted web development companies that ensures a unique digital presence for every business from start-ups to larger enterprises.

wordpress development services
wordpress development services

We are available to discuss your requirements and implement them in an elaborative manner. Our experts develop Word Press websites creatively with 100% ease. Since XXXX, Censoware has been at the forefront of WordPress development services and its reputation has grown. We are very flexible with our WordPress Development Services. We aim to provide our clients with the best experience. Our WordPress Developers are extremely experienced, knowledgeable about WordPress plugin development, and dedicated to their work. As a leading web designing company we offer unique designs which cost-effective designs that are tailored to your requirements.

WordPress Customization

If you want to extend the basic features of your Wordpress website, we can do it for you. Censoware helps you customize your website and extend its functionality.

wordpress Customization
WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Plugin Development

With our WordPress plugins development service, we create efficient & powerful advanced custom plugins for your website according to your requirements.

WordPress Theme Development

We customize Wordpress themes according to your requirements. We have the right skills and experience to manage business requirements and implement them with established features.

wordpress theme development

Magento to Wordpress Migration

Migration is often considered a tricky task and if not done properly it can cause damage to your website. New emerging technologies have made it possible to perform website migrations in a way that does not reduce site traffic. The most complicated type of migration is that of sites that contain a lot of information, such as e-commerce websites. Magento is a top-notch online marketplace. The user-friendly interface and diverse range of plugins are highly beneficial. There are processes involved in WordPress to Magento migration.

Top reasons for choosing

Every person who owns an exclusive site wishes to achieve top ranking on the search engines. Since Wordpress is SEO friendly, downloading part is an easier one to develop a highly privileged domain's optimization. It increases the visibility of your website and enhances its least generating capabilities.

One of the best parts is opting for WordPress is that it holds an open-source platform. Here, the main source code is available to everyone, making it efficient for the code-builders globally to extend the platform for suiting the needs. Tending to captivate more number of people to share reliable solutions with other users.

The WordPress websites provide complete control over its design and functionality. You can effortlessly upload contents of any kind without any technical knowledge. You give your visitors the best user experience through our WordPress websites that comes with easy-to-use navigation and ideally placed interactive buttons.

A standard statement that Wordpress is easy to use. With nil technical knowledge, anyone can explore Wordpress, learn it completely in managing a website. The uploading of content is feasible in several formats such as the video, images, audio, and text, etc. One can take 100% control over the design and functionality of the website.

The WordPress possesses a list of the functionality augmenting plugins, can be either a paid one or completely free. You can check for the last updated theme and plugin too. As of now, it has gone through a major update. For the professional CMS platforms, investment is a must in the unique theme of a website.

In an enormous community of this gigantic WordPress, both the users and the experts can interact efficiently through a series of online forums sharing a deeper knowledge with each other. For solving the user complaints, the WordPress developers develop an online chat plugin to sort out the issues by procuring the hint.

The Team Tweaks team has worked with a lot of WordPress to Magento migrations, Our Migration approach at Team Tweaks has been highly successful and if you would want help with your Wordpress migration, feel free to reach out to us.

There is no limit for the site design flexibility. Whether you want a custom theme or build a new one from scratch, there is a list of the customized solutions to revamp your website and give a fresh and improved look. You can also buy the themes from an online marketplace.

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