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Building high-performance cross-platform mobile apps with Flutter SDK that compile to native code using customizable widgets and rich UI.

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Censoware is one of the reowned and protruding app development companies in Coimbatore and is an in-house team that specializes in creating cost-effective and efficient applications. Our experienced Flutter developers adapt unique styles and methods to build well-defined project goals. We rely on current data and proven systems to deliver effective marketing campaigns. To attain the best results in a short time, get in touch with our experts on the right track for Flutter App Development Services. We use the latest features and technologies to meet your requirements and deliver projects on time. Our mobile app development services are tailored to Android and iOS, using standard codebases as the primary source for our work. But! Flutter is a bit different from its competitors in some key aspects. We are the most trusted iOS app development company and our developers are well versed in creating custom applications.

What is Google Flutter

Flutter is Google's open source mobile app development framework. Developers love it because they can build Android and iOS apps in real-time using the same code base. The mobile app SDK allows you to build highly reliable and functional apps for iOS and Android

flutter application development

Advantages of Flutter App Development

Proprietary widgets

Proprietary widgets

Flutter helps follow material design by offering several widgets for cross-platform mobile app development.

code reusability

Code reusability

Flutter leads to efficient code. A single codebase can be used for a majority between an iOS and Android app

low testing and maintenance

Low testing and maintenance

As there is less code to take care of the testing and maintenance process is faster in the case of Flutter mobile apps.

fast high-performance apps

Fast, high-performance apps

User experience no hanging and cutting while scrolling with Flutter apps. Flutter apps work smoothly and exhibit high performance.

Quicker development cycles

Quicker development cycles

Since Flutter allows the developer to create IOS and Android Apps using one codebase, it accelerates development time, reducing the time-to-market.

appealing user experience

Appealing user experiences

With Cupertino widgets and material design, Flutter enables mobile app developers to create stunning user experiences that are functional too.

support for older devices

Support for older devices

With Flutter, a mobile app looks and feels the same on an old version of iOS or Android. Essentially, there are no additional costs for supporting the older versions.

native look and feel

Native look and feel

Flutters widgets reflect all platform-dependent differences such as navigation, icons, scrolling, fonts, and so on to give a native performance on both Android and iOS.

Flutter App Development Services

We have a comprehensive range of services available in Flutter mobile app development.

custom server-side

Custom server-side APIs

Our server-side APIs are tailored to your business requirements and usage cases.

Flutter consultants

Flutter Consulting

If you're not sure if Flutter is the right framework for your mobile app needs, we can help you decide. Our consultants will help you evaluate Flutter app development services against other infrastructures

migration and updation

Migration and Updation

Our migration and upgrade service provides a hassle-free solution for those who want to migrate their old mobile apps or update them to the latest version.

qa and testing services

QA and Testing services

Our quality analysts and specialists are included in the development team from day one, so they can oversee all security and quality aspects. We ensure your app exhibits a seamless user experience across devices and screens.

support and maintenance

Support and maintenance

We won't back down on the extra work required to produce your mobile app distribution. Whether responding to minor issues or bugs, we promise and provide 24-hour support.


Cross-platform mobile app development

We help you understand the breadth and depth of your mobile app requirements, consider app features, build a schedule, and then deploy the app with rich features and a beautiful UI/UX. We provide end-to-end implementation services to deliver robust, secure and scalable mobile applications.

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