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Regular Training Program





3 / 6 Month

4 Hrs / Day

Fast Training program





3 / 6 Month

4 Hrs / Day


100% Job Assistance


Live Projects Training

Master in-demand developer skills through our work experience-based learning approach.


Gain mastery in CS Fundamentals and Full-Stack or Backend skills through 20+ micro skilling exercises and 5+ real-world projects, simulating a professional developer environment.


Censoware developer interviews with our comprehensive curriculum, focusing on System Design, Data Structures, and Algorithms.

Gain real-world experience by tackling problem statements from top tech companies like CRED, Playment, Jumbotail, Vicara, and others.


Participate in 9+ live sessions monthly, featuring structured interactive workshops led by seasoned industry professionals.


Build an impressive portfolio on GitHub backed by projects and obtain a work experience certificate to captivate recruiters.


Ensure placement with our guarantee, supported by job-search assistance, referrals, and career guidance provided by experienced coaches.

Here's the outline for the upcoming Six months.


Phase 0

phase images

Discover the platform, its incredible features, curriculum, live 1-1 doubt resolution, mentor connections, and more.

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Phase 1

Month 1-2

phase images

Make a stop and build amazing responsive websites. Become a front-end developer today.

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Phase 2

Month 3-4

phase images

Get back on track: Develop scalable backend servers with Node.js or Spring Boot (your choice). Transform into a Full Stack Developer..

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Phase 3

Month 4

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Stock up your toolkit: Master the amazing frontend library, React, and become a Frontend Master.

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Phase 4

Month 5

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Begin your journey into programming and master data structures. Crack any Data Structures & Algorithms interview round with confidence.

Phase 5

Month 6 onwards

Peek out your window, your dream company approaches. Prepare for placements now.

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More about our Internship Program

We have designed a comprehensive and unique internship program that provides a substantial opportunity for qualified and highly motivated students to begin a successful career. We provide highly focused and structured training which is a combination of technical training (classroom) and practical experience(on-the-job), to groom them into valued professionals.

Technologies You Will Master Hands-On

vs code editor
Vs Code Editor


Full Stack Developer Course Curriculum

Our Advanced full-stack development course modules have been developed by highly experienced full-stack developers and industry leaders with over 10+ years of practical expertise.

Module 1: Introduction to Web Technologies

Module 2: HTML Essentials

Module 3: Text Basics

Module 4: HTML Techniques, HTML5

Module 5: Semantics & Organization

Module 6: Forms

Module 7: Tables

Module 8: Iframes

Module 10: Module 9: CSS Essentials

Module 11: Intermediate CSS

Module 12: CSS Typography

Module 13: Advanced CSS

Module 14: CSS Backgrounds

Module 15: How to use Web Icons

Module 16: Responsive Web Design

Module 17: Responsive Design & Development using Bootstrap

Module 18: CSS Components in Bootstrap

Module 19: Grid System & Flexbox in Bootstrap

Module 20: JavaScript Widgets in Bootstrap

Module 21: Introduction to Javascript

Module 22: Javascript Methods

Module 23: Introduction to jQuery

Module 24: The jQuery Animation/ Effects

Module 25: jQuery DOM Manipulation

Module 26: Jquery Widgets

Module 27: jQuery Plugins

Module 28: Developer Timeout!

Projects: PSD to HTML Conversion

Module 1: JavaScript ES6

Module 2: ES6 Arrow Function

Module 3: ES6 Parameters

Module 4: ES6 Template Literals

Module 5: ES6 Spread Operator

Module 6: ES6 Map

Module 7: ES6 Set

Module 8: ES6 Destructuring Assignment

Module 9: ES6 Classes

Module 10: ES6 Inheritance

Module 11: ES6 for...of

Module 12: ES6 Promise

Module 13: ES6 Asynchronous

Module 14: ES6 Iterators and Iterables

Module 1: Introduction to the React World

Module 2: React ES6

Module 3: React Render HTML

Module 4: React JSX

Module 5: Components and Props

Module 6: React State and Lifecycle

Module 7: React Handling Events

Module 8: React Conditional Rendering

Module 9: React Lists and Keys

Module 10: React Forms

Module 11: React Sharing State between Components

Module 12: React Connecting to the Backend

Module 13: React Creating Generic Service

Module 14: React Styling Component

Module 15: React Managing Component State

Module 16: React Hooks

Module 17: React Router

Module 18: Server Integration & Deployment

Module 1: Introduction of Angular Framework

Module 2: TypeScript Fundamental

Module 3: Angular Fundamental

Module 4: Angular Components and Data Binding

Module 5: Angular Directives and Pipes

Module 6: Angular Template-driven Forms

Module 7: Angular Services and Dependency Injection

Module 8: Angular Routing and Navigation

Module 9: Angular Authentication & Authorization

Module 10: Handling forms in Angular

Module 11: Validating Angular Forms

Module 12: Testing and Application Deployment

Module 13: Angular Directives

Module 1: Python - Overview

Module 2: Variables and Types of Python

Module 3: Python Numbers

Module 4: Python Strings

Module 5: Python Lists

Module 6: Python Operatorss

Module 7: Python Conditions

Module 8: Generator and Iterator

Module 9: Statements and Syntax

Module 10: Python Functions

Module 11: Python Classes and Objects

Module 12: Python Dictionaries

Module 13: Python File Operations

Module 14: Memory management and Garbage collections

Module 15: Python Modules and Packages

Module 16: Python Exception Handling

Module 17: Python SQL Database Access

Module 18: Text Processing

Module 19: Threading in Python

Project 20: Python Projects

Module 21: Go Live

Module 1: Setup Environment (LAMP / WAMP / XAMP)

Module 2: Fundamentals of PHP

Module 3: PHP Code Blocks

Module 4: PHP Array

Module 5: Initialising arrays

Module 6: Angular Template-driven Forms

Module 7: Conditional structures

Module 8: Functions in PHP

Module 9: File Handling

Module 10: Copying, Renaming and Deleting Files

Module 11: Conditional structures

Module 12: Form Handling

Module 13: Cookies and Sessions

Module 14: Usage of jQuery

Module 15: Object-Oriented PHP

Module 16: Handling Email with PHP

Module 17: MySQL Database Connectivity

Module 18: Handling API's

Module 19: MVC Overview

Project 20: Mini Project

Module 19: Go Live

Module 1: NodeJS Introduction & Setup

Module 2:NodeJS - REPL / CLI

Module 3: NodeJS - Built In modules

Module 4: NodeJS - Header / Content Type

Module 5: NodeJS - Basic Website domain / Server details

Module 6: NodeJS - Async Patterns - Blocking Code

Module 7: NodeJS - Building RESTful API's Using Express

Module 8: File System Module and Express.js

Module 9: Express- Advanced Topics

Module 10: Integration with MongoDB and Email Servers

Module 11: REST APIs and GraphQL

Project 12: Geolocation

Project 13: User Accounts and Authentication

Module 14: Deployment

Module 1: MongoDB Basics

Module 2: MongoDB - CRUD Operations

Module 3: MongoDB - Authentication & Authorization

Module 4: MongoDB- Data Validation

Module 5: MongoDB - Modeling Relationships between Connected Data

Module 6: MongoDB - Authentication & Authorization

Module 7: MongoDB - Handling and Logging Errors

Module 8: MongoDB - Live Projects & Deployment

Module 1: MySQL Database Connectivity

Module 2: MySQL - Data Modeling

Module 3: MySQL - Creating a Table

Module 4: MySQL - Inserting data

Module 5: MySQL - Updating and Deleting Data

Module 6: MySQL - Reading data

Module 7: MySQL - Joins

Module 8: MySQL - CRUD Operation

Module 9: MySQL - Handling API's

Module 10: Live Projects

Module 1: Code Review Tools

Module 2: Preparing the App for Production

Module 3: Getting Started & Preparing with Heroku

Module 4: Understanding Github

Module 5: MySQL - Adding the Code to a Git Repository

Module 6: Deploying to Heroku

Module 7: Viewing Logs

Module 8: Setting Environment Variables

Module 9: MongoDB in the Cloud


Full Stack Development Capstone Projects & Case Studies

By the end of this full stack development course, you'll be able to work on these projects.

Responsive website
Responsive Website

Learn to build Responsive Website using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery with flex or Bootstrap.

Responsive website
Build CMS Website

Make practice to create dynamic website using WordPress framework with HTML5, CSS3, PHP & MySQL.

Responsive website
Create Online Store

Create a well-structured e-commerce website using a WordPress e-commerce plugin like Woocommerce.

Responsive website
Booking Engine

Make appointment booking portal website using Angular, NodeJs, and Express, with MongoDB Database.

Responsive website
Delivery Platform

Case Study: Understand how to build food delivery platform like Zomoto using React, NodeJs, and Express, with MongoDB.

Responsive website
Social Networking

Case Study: Understand how to make social networking website like facebook using React and PHP with MySQL database.

Responsive website
Subscription Platform

Case Study: Understand how to create Weight loss plan subscription web app using React, NodeJs, and Express, with MongoDB.

Responsive website
Streaming Website

Case Study: Understand how to build audio streaming web app like using Angular, NodeJs, and Express, with MongoDB.

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